Created: 11/23/15 10:41 PM

Potool is a tool for web-based edition Gettext translation files. It is easy to integrate into ZF2 projects. Translator would be able to translate, edit phrases online and compile MO files for the application of results. Potool is designed using Bootstrap css framework.


Created: 11/19/15 9:47 PM

Rapid Application Development Data Store for Zendframework 2

Simple translation controller plugin.

Provides an API-Wrapper for Twitter to use as ZF2-Module.

ZF2 Params View Helper

Simple controller plugin for reading and writing cookies.

This module simplifies settings storage.

ZF2 module for midnightdesign/midnight-permissions


Created: 10/27/15 8:31 PM


Created: 10/26/15 11:47 PM

Image manipulation library with an HTTP based API.

Double Click Plugin for Wordpress

Core of Controle Online modules

Automatic restfull application for your database

Api client for Restful API using Hal, like Apigility