[wip] CQRS + ES for ZF2

Reconfigures zf-oauth2 to issue JWT access tokens

Zend\Form\Collection meets Class Table Inheritance

An extension for zf-oauth2 allowing use of ZfcUser as authentication source

User profile extension for ZfcUser


Created: 4/29/15 10:21 AM

Module for handling ZF2 layouts with blocks and handles like magento

A ReCaptcha v2.0 module for ZF2 (Zend Framework 2)

Zend Framework 2 module which provides possibility to attach event listeners and aggregates to SharedEventManager via configuration.

ZF2 : To set full-page cache of your application in cache directory.

AppLogger is basically used to log Rest-API and has ability to connect with the Apigility

Provides a ZF2 filter for the php nl2br function

A simple event dispatcher focused on domain events

A Contact-Module for ZendFramework2 with honeypot-protection