diegograssato / doctrine-odm-datafixture

Module to generate fixture with Doctrine ODM


Module to generate fixture with Doctrine ODM


To install is quite simple, add the composer.json:

    "diegograssato/doctrine-odm-datafixture": "2.0"

Next step is to update the composer

  composer self-update
  composer install

Then add DoctrineMongoODMDatafixture to your config/application.config.php.

In module.config.php you should inform the folder where your fixtures, for example:

  'odm_fixtures' => [

or group configurator

    'odm_fixtures' => [
        'groups' => [
            'default' => [
            'production' => [

To rotate the fixture use the terminal command:

  vendor/bin/doctrine-odm-datafixture odm:fixtures:load

The odm:fixture:load command loads data fixtures from your bundles:

  vendor/bin/doctrine-module odm:fixtures:load

You can also optionally specify the path to fixtures with the --fixtures option:

  vendor/bin/doctrine-module odm:fixtures:load --fixture=/path/to/fixtures1 --fixture=/path/to/fixtures2

If you want to append the fixtures instead of flushing the database first you can use the --append option:

  vendor/bin/doctrine-module odm:fixture:load --fixture=/path/to/fixtures1 --fixture=/path/to/fixtures2 --append

You can also optionally specify the group configuration:

  vendor/bin/doctrine-module odm:fixtures:load --group production

You can also optionally list the fixtures:

  vendor/bin/doctrine-module odm:fixtures:list --group production


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php composer.phar require "diegograssato/doctrine-odm-datafixture"


  • php: ^5.6 || ^7.2
  • doctrine/doctrine-mongo-odm-module: ^1.0
  • doctrine/data-fixtures: ^1.2
  • zendframework/zend-servicemanager: ^2.7.6 || ^3.1
  • zendframework/zend-stdlib: ^2.7.7 || ^3.0.1

Require Dev

  • phpunit/phpunit: ^4.8
  • squizlabs/php_codesniffer: ^2.6.2