Mailer module to manage mailer, message, smtp, logger, jobs

A Hero for your ZF2 and ZF3 application to log ( DB and Mail ) php errors & exceptions during Mvc process


Created: 5/4/16 12:10 PM

Logging and send mail of ZF2 exceptions and errors php

zf2-Module to create mailto:-links with obfuscated eMail-addresses

ZF2 module to manage email delivery

ZF2 MailChimp Module


Created: 7/17/14 5:07 PM

Module for composing e-mails from templates and sending them

ZF2 Module which provides robust solutions for sending email messages.

A pure ZF2 implementation of the Mailchimp API

Mail sending module for Zend Framework 2 with support for file attachment and template email composition

A Zend Framework 2 module which extends the registration feature of ZfcUser with email address verification

Various transport layers for Zend\Mail


Created: 7/17/14 5:07 PM

CrudController, Mail, AbstractService, AbstractUpload Demo:


Mail service to ease the use of the ZF2 mail component