Locale handler for ZF2 applications

Simple ZF2 Authentication Module


Created: 7/31/15 6:43 AM

Admin interface for WellCart modules


Created: 7/31/15 2:09 AM

The kernel files for an WellCart project. Has lot of useful features so that developers can focus on building their unique business application in less time.


Created: 7/31/15 2:09 AM

User management functionality (password recovery, authentication, authorization, ACL across other modules)


Created: 7/19/15 10:38 AM

Template renderer using templating engine from Zend Framework 2 - `Zend\View`.

Admin module for Zf2Forum

free as in freedom free software zend framework 2 cli genertor module

Configure dependency injection in Zend Framework 2 using annotations/yaml/xml

OAuth2, Apigility

Module Base for Apigility, AbstractResource and AbstractMapper

ZF2 Assetic Examples module

ZF2 Assetic module