This module simplifies settings storage.

ZF2 module for midnightdesign/midnight-permissions


Created: 10/27/15 8:31 PM


Created: 10/26/15 11:47 PM

Image manipulation library with an HTTP based API.

Double Click Plugin for Wordpress

Core of Controle Online modules

Automatic restfull application for your database

Api client for Restful API using Hal, like Apigility

ZF2 Module for Redirect with Handling against url

Pomm2 module for Zend Framework 2

Zend Framework 2 restful skeleton

Error handling in Zend framework 2 using Whoops

View Helper for reading Controller, Module, Action name in view.

Annotation validator is a ZF2 package used to validate Doctrine Entities during their lifecycle call backs

Create bitcoin QR code - Zend 2 form helper