Application module for Libra-CMS included administration. Libra-CMS is CMS based at Zend Framework 2.

Get lightning fast Zend\Di dependency injection and don't waste time writing Zend\ServiceManager factory code.

Zend Framework 2 module for drop-in, self-hosted comments, with email notifications, Akismet, ZfcUser and Gravatar integration.

A simple module that removes the requirement to setup invokables and factories for services and controllers.

Module for Zend framework 2 integration of buggyman library

BsbLocalizedTemplatePathStack is a small ZF2 module that provides a template stack resolver which resolves to templates based on the current locale.

Module for zf2 that shows every executed query and the execution time.

Zend Framework 2 Snippets

ZF2 Module to set a Website in a Maintenance Mode

Doctrine entity viewer for Zend Framework 2

ZF2 Module which provides robust solutions for sending email messages.

ZF2 module that show example of Db Modelling with Zend\Db