Provides named arguments for controller actions.

Lightweight ZF2 module that wraps firephp. Provides a view helper and a controller plugin. Easily configurable and usable.

Japanese ja_JP translation / language pack module for the [ZF-Commons/ZfcUser] module.

Polish pl_PL translation / language pack module for the [ZF-Commons/ZfcUser] module. Moduł polskiego tłumaczenia / paczka językowa dla modułu [ZF-Commons/ZfcUser].

German de_DE translation / language pack module for the [ZF-Commons/ZfcUser] module. Deutsche Übersetzung / Sprachdatei Modul für das [ZF-Commons/ZfcUser] Modul.

jQuery and jQuery UI helpers and form elements for Zend Framework 2

Monolog integration to Zend Framework 2

The simple service for send mail with templates

ZF2 Mvcアプリケーションにてヴァリデーションエラーメッセージを日本語にします

Simple implementation of ZF2 flash messengers using bootstrap. Contains easy helpers that will save you a LOT of time.

A Module that eases the implementation of a version control for your entities. Just configure this module to listen to your "Entity-Save-Events" and you're done - nothing more needed.


Created: 7/17/14 5:06 PM

Rubedo extension for survey feature

Integration with service for Zend Framework 2

Application module for Libra-CMS included administration. Libra-CMS is CMS based at Zend Framework 2.

Get lightning fast Zend\Di dependency injection and don't waste time writing Zend\ServiceManager factory code.