Zend Framework 2 module for dealing with XML. Creates XML from an array and vice versa.

Easy ACL. Avoid handwriting ACL permissions in Zend Framework

Flickr Gallery in Zf2

Google API client for Zend Framework 2

Administration for E4W\Zf2Board

Integration between Eye4web\Zf2Board and \Eye4web\Zf2Abac

Basic functionality for ZF2 projects

ZF2 rollbar integration

Ban your ZfcUsers after X warnings or a total of X weight

Give your ZfcUsers warnings

Modules which can force a user to logout

Forgot password for ZfcUser

A zendframework 2 validator implementing Strategy design pattern which is mainly created to be used in Apigility.

Zf2 module for extracting http verbs of resources used in Apigility, to their own classes.